Thursday, January 05, 2006


Ho hum. *yawns*

How do you make a leaflet appealing when you've been supplied boring photos and predictable text? The charity I work for, to make use of precious printed space, make me cram the equivalent of the Encyclopedia Brittanica on the back of a postage stamp and then wonder why the text looks a bit squashed.

How do you be creative when it's freezing cold and someone's playing shit music? The One Giant Leap CD never did it for me - any CD with the name Robbie Williams on it, no matter how well hidden, should never be allowed stereo equipment. Who the hell wants to hear his wimpy nursery-rhyme rapping? Someone in my studio apparently. Either the whingey red-head who whinges at any music that isn't hers and paints like a fucking two year old. Or the Swindon public school boy who likes Gwen-fucking-Stefani and can't start a sentence without a nasal "yeeeah" in front of it, whose speciality is painting women with their hands up their bums. Bloody cloth ears.

Now back to laying out another chapter of the never-ending gardening book. Ah, the joys of the self-employed graphic designer.



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