Wednesday, October 12, 2005

At last... a good film!

Watched Somersault last night and it's a great film. Just what I was in the mood for. A nice, slow, reflective, moody film. Beautifully filmed; characters who you can empathise with; good soundtrack. Great stuff.

I've seen so many duff, unsatisfying films lately. As previously mentioned on this blog, 'Milwaukee, Minnesota' is rubbish, but also 'Innocence' is a well made film but is so arty that I left just feeling really unsatisfied. Then 'Claire's Knee' is OK but nothing amazing - just a very typical French film about affairs and obsession (the common theme of French films!). Then some other foreign film which I can't even remember the name of: once again, OK but nothing to write a blog about. 'Last Days', a film based on Kurt Cobain's last days is OK, but there's very little dialogue apart from Kurt muttering and it's incredibly depressing.

So thank goodness for Somersault!


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