Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm going round to my ex's tonight to go through our old photos. It was my idea but I'm beginning to regret it now! It's been over two years since we split up and we've finally managed to attain a friendship of sorts. But I know it's just going to get all the old feelings going again and I'm a sentimental fool at the best of times. I get nostalgic for yesterday.

I've got a five year gap in my photo collection. Even though I did a photography National Diploma I never took any photos when we were together, I don't think I even had a camera. It's like I've got a big chunk of my life missing. I haven't got any photos of my ex. Not even one for the dartboard.

So tonight I'm going round to finish off the split. She got the coffee table. I got the dog and the vacuum cleaner. Let's hope we can share the photos ammicably.


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