Monday, October 10, 2005

What the hell's wrong with me?

I can't stop thinking about the girl I split up with 3 months ago. I only went out with her for a couple of months. I knew that we weren't right for each other too. But, being a bloke, I only want what I can't have.

I'm such a sentimental fool. The slightest thing reminds me of her. I can't listen to the Kings of Convenience without thinking of her. I've banished myself from town on the weekend for the last 3 months for fear of bumping into her. I found one of her contact lenses down the side of my bed the other day and it just brought it all back and I felt gutted again. She really doesn't deserve to be thought about this much.

I get it with other exes too. Even words remind me of things. I had an ex who used the word 'investigate' a lot. I heard the word on a reggae song the other day and had a wave of sentimentality wash over me. 'Aaah," I thought as tears welled up in my eyes whilst sitting in my car with the stereo on. "Investigate".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I get this sort of stuff too, and it's quite annoying. Life can be a real bitch at times.

7:36 pm  

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