Monday, September 12, 2005

Notebook fever

My obsession with buying webspace has also manifested itself in buying notebooks. I'm just mad about them!

I finally finished one notebook the other week. It was a big A4 hardbacked one that lasted two years. I filled it with my crap: magazine cutouts, stickers, half-written songs etc. But mostly it got filled with my angst-ridden feelings about girls. When I split up with someone recently, the first thing I did was go to my notebook and scribbled down about five pages worth of my head.

I made myself another notebook out of half-used printer paper but it's really annoying because every other page can only be used for sticking things on because it's already got something printed on it. Some random characters where the printer's gone wrong or a wine label that I've designed.

So I went out at the weekend to buy another A4 notebook. And while I was doing that I found these really small hardbacked, spiral-bound notebooks and I just had to buy one!

I'm reading Richard Brautigan's 'An Unfortunate Woman' at the moment which he wrote in the 166 pages of a loose-leaf notebook, filling the pages until he ran out of space. And I wanted to do the same. So I got the idea to fill the small notebook with short stories all starting with the words "We met". I actually did some writing too! And I really enjoyed it. I'll post some of the stories soon.

But I've still got other notebooks! I've now got:

1. An A4 hardbacked notebook - finished
2. A tiny hardbacked, spiral-bound notebook - half finished
3. A new A4 hardbacked, spiral-bound notebook - empty
4. An A5 hardbacked notebook - started, from both ends, with a huge gap in the middle
5. An A5 hardbacked, spiral-bound, lined recycled notebook - half-empty, I bought this in Leeds to occupy myself on the train ride home
6. A home-made recycled A4 notebook - a quarter full

And I just went to the post office and looked all through the notebooks to try and find an un-ruled one. Luckily, I didn't.


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