Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday morning

Hello and welcome to yet another blog!

I've got my website, beesnthings, in two different servers. I just bought in the hope that it would get me inspired to update it more often. But did it work?

So here's the blogging arm of beesnthings. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this one going.

It's going to be a bit sparse to start off with until I learn how to use the thing. But there's plenty of crap in my head that needs to come out here. And I'm self-employed so I've got plenty of 'spare' time to waste!


Blogger Tori said...

Not much happening wit your blog yet then... (saw your name on Flip Flop Flying). Too busy sorting the sock drawer?!

2:11 pm  
Blogger Benji said...

Dude, I must've bought five urls over the past six months hoping that each would inspire me to do something with them. My blog was pretty much a last ditch attempt I think. One lives in Brighton too, weather's to darn good at the mome to actually consider working though.

6:21 pm  
Blogger lurchyboy said...

Hooray! Some comments!

Can't seem to get going with this yet. In the meantime - I've still got loads of stuff over at

Will do more soon. Promise!

1:26 pm  

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