Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We met on the internet

We met on the internet,
Or should it be "through the net"?
Or "via the world wide web"?
She eventually fell through the net.

It wasn't love at first sight -
It was on the internet -
And there was no raging storm
The day we met. A bit torrent maybe.

And though our eyes couldn't meet
Across the dancefloor,
For there was none, just a screen,
And our fingers touched nothing but keyboard,

And though she could have been he,
Lesbian, psychopathic,
Homocidal or ugly,
(We hadn't swapped photos at this point in),

And though this type of meeting
Had happened to me before
Without success, (she was short
And dumpy and conversation ran out),

And though I should have steered clear
And though the odds were stacked up
And through the net she became
I knew that something was there.

Our emails became lengthy
Over the weeks and then months.
Musical tastes were discussed
Which led us to a flesh and blood meeting.

A gig. A bottle of rum.
Two tents which turned into one.
A whole weekend in the sun.
A million first dates rolled into one.

And though we'd only just met,
(Apart from the months online),
I knew a month down the line
We'd still be in each other's arms at night.

And though we lived miles apart -
Opposite ends of the land -
The phone line and internet
Kept us together until the weekends

When we would get together,
Trying each end of the land,
Trying each side of the bed,
Until some compromise had to be reached

In the form of a shared flat
Where we could see each other
In just under a minute
Rather than in just under two weeks time.

But distance had pulled my strings
And rum and sun had fooled me
And the internet stung me.
She eventually fell through the net.


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