Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm going to see the sexy dental hygienist soon. It creates such a mix of emotions in me…

I'd rather not go to the dentist but I do get to see the sexy dental hygienist who tells me off for not flossing and who I can't talk to because I've got my mouth full of her fingers and drill and I'm too shy anyway and I'm usually there complaining of gum disease which causes bad breath which I'm breathing into her sexy dental hygienist face which is hovering about an inch from mine as she leans over me and pulls my mouth about sternly and I try to avoid eye-contact but instead acknowledge the sexy dental hygienist that's so close to me as I lean back in her chair and she tells me that this might hurt in her kind voice but I don't want it to hurt but I do want it to hurt no no yes yes

She might cause me to stop brushing my teeth entirely.


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