Monday, April 03, 2006

Comedy moment

Had a great comedy moment on the weekend.

I met my friend, Greg, for a Sunday breakfast. He was going off to meet up with his friend, Helen, my ex, who I was with for five years. I was going off to meet my friend Rosario, a good-looking Spanish girl who I'm just good friends with (honest!). We realised that, by coincidence, we were going to be meeting at the same cafe.

I thought it would look really cool for me to turn up and say "Oh, hi Helen, hi Greg," and then go and kiss hello my good-looking friend (she's Spanish, she always kisses people).

I built myself up to it, putting my best, most confident smile on as I walked up to the cafe.

I saw Greg sitting on one of the tables outside the cafe. Then I saw Helen. Feeling pretty cool I strolled up to the cafe. Then I saw the third person at the table: Helen's partner! I was trying to get into the cafe without them seeing me, I tried to open a door that turned out to be a window, but the only way of getting in there was to walk past their table.

I didn't know what the hell to do and panic mode set in! I think I thought if I just pretend it wasn't happening that would be the best way of getting through it! So I just went "Hello" and walked past all three of them! They all stopped talking and turned to look at me! Greg was just grinning at me trying to pretend that he didn't know that I was coming. I kind of muttered that I was trying to find my friend, but she wasn't in there, so I dithered, muttered some more and then more or less ran out the door muttering that I'd be back later!

It was a proper Laurel & Hardy moment! I may as well have stood there and done a tap dance or something. I couldn't have made more of a twat of myself!

I met my friend later at a different cafe!

I apologised for running away to Greg later and apparently conversation was a bit stunted after I made my brief entrance!

Can't help thinking Helen's partner looks like the Milky Bar kid. But that's just me being vindictive! (Ha ha - you've got an ugly boyfriend that no-one likes!)

Me…? Childish…?


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