Thursday, March 23, 2006

Crayon kid

My housemate's a primary school teacher and talking to her last night reminded me of two things that happened to me when I was at primary school:

I broke a crayon, I think it was a blue one, and I was mortified! I started crying and thought I was going to get the biggest telling off of my life by the teacher. I remember being consoled by my fellow six year old class mates.

Another time, in the same class, the teacher wasn't around, so I took a crayon and with a glee hitherto unknown, set about drawing all over my desk. I was ecstatic! I remember being so happy about what I was doing. My classmates gave me worried, concerned looks but I just smiled at them and carried on with my task of defacing the entire desk. I really covered it in crayon! I can't remember thinking that it might be wrong, I just has it in my head and the job had to be finished! I got into huge trouble because of it; my parents got notified and everything and I think I was branded 'troublesome' for the rest of my time there.

Still… the signs of a graphic designer in the making, eh?!


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