Friday, February 10, 2006

More glorious tunes

To carry on from the last posting… I'm also loving this tune: "I believe in miracles" by the Jackson Sisters. Another tune for the weekend!

My friend Bezz brought it round when I had my introduction to funk about ten years ago after I fell in love with the sound of The Brand New Heavies. He had borrowed a load of records and he came round and I mixed together a tape full of funk classics.

I think I first loved funk when I realised all the best bits of hip-hop tunes were sampled and that the originals sounded loads better.

Who sampled the Jackson Sisters? Anyone remember?

I also remember listening to this tune in the back of an unfeasibly turqoise van (Tarquin) in the middle of Wales whilst coming up on a pill with two very close friends just before a huge thunderstorm came across the valley.


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